Hunt trophy whitetails and turkey in western Kentucky on a block of approximately 6,000 continuous acres. This area, located near Sturgis, Kentucky, consistently produces excellent whitetails and turkey.


main1 Located in the river bottom area directly across the Ohio River from southern Illinois, the hunting block features dense river bottom, hardwood ridges, food plots, and row crops.



Food plots are maintained year-round and, together with the row crops, acorns from thousands of oak trees, and protein supplements, fulfill the nutritional needs to grow trophy deer. The large heavily forested areas provide wildlife with undisturbed security. 


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 C'Mere Deer

We use C’mere Deer products throughout the season. They give our hunters their best chance at harvesting a trophy animal. The products were created with the goal of developing premier deer attractants unlike anything else on the market. They do not rely on estrus-based mixtures – these are only effective during brief portions of the season – rather, they utilize botanicals synthesized from food sources craved by deer.


At Riverbend Whitetails we do everything we can to allow our whitetails to reach trophy potential. An important part of this is protein supplementation from late January through the end of August. To accomplish this, we use a pelleted ration and Moultrie Gravity Feeders. We have found them to be the best – they are durable, keep the supplement dry, and eliminate problems with unwanted critters eating the feed.

To keep track of the deer at Riverbend, we utilize Moultrie Trail Cameras. We use them to evaluate our overall population level, buck to doe ratio, seasonal deer movements, antler growth and individual trophy animals. Follow some of the deer on our website and Facebook page. With over 30 cameras in the field, we can give you an excellent representation of the deer you will encounter at Riverbend. All the photos we display are taken on our property.


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