You won’t be disappointed hunting trophy whitetails with us!

Deer season starts in September and runs though mid-January. Hunting is strictly fair chase and is usually done from elevated lock-on and ladder stands, or, occasionally, ground blinds. Permanent stands are not used as we prefer to move them to prevent over-hunting in an area and to maintain close contact with deer during their seasonal movements.

Check out some of Trail Cam photos!

No license drawing: licenses can be purchased over the counter when you arrive, or through the State of Kentucky Website.

Guides take hunters to the area of the stand they will hunt and pick them up later in the day. While in elevated stands, all hunters must wear a safety harness at times. There are no trophy fees for deer takes, but our management plan for Riverbend Whitetails has a strictly enforced 130 B/C minimum requirement. Hunters are provided with photos, actual racks, and mounts to help them judge whitetail bucks in the field.

Our goal is for every hunter to have the opportunity to harvest deer that he or she is proud of all while growing lasting friendships and providing a fun and memorable experience.

Check out some of our big buck hunt success photos. All of these whitetails were hunted on a block of approximately 6,000 contiguous acres right here in Western Kentucky.